For more than 25 years, the FPZ Research and Prevention Center has been relying on the power of muscles to support us and make us strong for life. And give us more healthy years of life.

Physical training and targeted exercises activate processes in the body that have a positive effect on health - without any side effects. Your muscles are therefore your 'body's pharmacy'.

Our Mission.

With the therapies we have developed, we activate the human musculature as the body's pharmacy to increase performance and quality of life.

Our Vision.

FPZ supports you on the way to more healthy years of life! Your strong foundation for a happy, satisfied, and fulfilled life.

By 2035, we will have enabled our patients to enjoy more than 50.000.000 additional years of healthy life.

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FPZ therapy programs at a glance.

For Back Pain, Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis.

FPZ Back Therapy

FPZ Back Therapy is the heart of FPZ and the program that has proven itself the longest. The core is a targeted development of the spine-stabilizing muscles – always individually oriented. The aim is to reduce pain and improve quality of life sustainably.

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FPZ Osteoarthritis Therapy
FPZ/DVGS Osteoporosis Therapy
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